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  • Welcome to St Margaret’s in Lowestoft 

    Revd. Michael Asquith, Rector

    We are an all-inclusive and diverse group of Christians, a welcoming community, sensitive to people and their individual needs. We meet people wherever they are and how they are, praying that through the fellowship they find in St Margaret's God will speak to them.

    Our church is visually beautiful and spiritually uplifting with a prayerful atmosphere. Offering a more traditional style of worship and our ethos is a caring, sharing and welcoming church, all in God’s love.




    Do join us each Sunday for  service of Holy Communion on our website

    (Details in the 'recent articles' box below and in our 'Lent' pages)

    Alternatively, each fortnight we will publish a service on our website “At home” for you to say at home.

    And, do look under our 'Lent' pages for daily challenges and a weekly Bible Study as we journey together through Lent in 'lockdown'


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