Getting married

Wedding's at St Margaret's


St Margaret’s provides a fine setting for a Wedding, or Blessing of a marriage, with it’s beautiful interior capable of accommodating up to 500 guests, yet equally welcoming to more modest numbers. The fine organ and the peal of Bells greatly enhance the occasion.


Two wedding packages are currently available at St Margaret’s: The basic service is £535, which is a simple “said” service with no music or bells. The full service includes music played on the organ and the bells both before and after the wedding, and costs £840.


In addition, we can provide service sheets ranging in cost between £20 and £30 per hundred, should the bride and groom not be making alternative arrangements. If the wedding is to be filmed, then an additional fee of £120 is charged for “mechanical copyright” [please be aware this does not give permission for copies to be made, neither does it give any rights under copyright law of the words used in the service.]


The normal qualification (a legal requirement) to enable you to be married in St Margaret’s is for either of you (or both) to be resident within the Parish boundaries. However, you may also be married here if you live outside of our parish but have a link to St Margaret's Church. Please contact our Rector to explore if you qualify to be married here if you live outside our parish.


We do marry people whose previous marriage has ended in a divorce provided certain commitments are being adhered to. If you live within our parish [we can confirm this] and you are looking to marry after being divorced, please contact our Rector.


If you would like further information (including available dates) please telephone 01502 564064

To check if you live within our parish, go to and enter your postcode. If you don't but you still would like to get married here then please do contact us as we can explore the other qualifying reasons.

You can download a copy of our marriage brochure here. 




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